About Us

Founded in 1992, Ricklee Enterprises, Inc. (REI) is a leading supplier of products for building and maintaining your hybrid fiber and coaxial (HFC) broadband network. It stocks an extensive selection products from reputed manufacturers worldwide in the cable TV industry and offers a wide array of value-added services to meet the changing requirements of today’s cable networks.

Ricklee Enterprises is a leading supplier of cable TV equipment, system integrator (SI) and value-added reseller (VAR) in the Philippine cable TV industry. Our continued goal is to provide operators with forward-thinking solutions to make their business successful. We provide cost-effective solutions help the cable industry solve their technological challenges.

Ricklee is an engineering-based company, with more than 2 decades worth of experience in the Cable TV Industry. And we are backed by our worldwide partners who are the top names in their respective industries. We have a deep understanding of the applications and technology behind the products we sell. Ricklee has proven to be a valued partner to the cable operators we serve.